Plum Camping Code

Plum Camping Code – please read this even if you’ve been before!

Welcome!  Following the code helps everyone enjoy their stay and us to run the campsite again next year.

Arrival and departure: You can arrive from 2pm but please be on site before 6pm – if you can’t be, let us know when you will be arriving. Departure is by 12 noon.  We can be flexible on arrival or departure but please speak to us first.

Cars: Please take care when driving on the site and when arriving and departing. Please leave cars at the top of the camping field after dropping your equipment at the bottom- make sure you drive on the track or at the edge of the field only, staying aware of other campers. Don’t leave valuables in your car.  

Security:  Please close the gate behind you when you arrive and leave.  The gate will be locked at 10pm, but we will let you know the code on arrival.

Day Guests: Day guests will only be able to park if there is sufficient space, booked guests have priority. Numbers are limited and will depend on how busy the sites are and on current government guidelines.

Compost Toilets: Please help us to maintain our toilets by ensuring all small children are supervised when using the toilets and that they are left as you would expect to find them.  Compost toilets mean that there is no flush.  Instead, a small handful of carbon-rich material (straw, sawdust, shredded newspaper) is thrown in after you’ve done the business.  Nothing other than your wee, poo or toilet paper should go into the toilet – please don’t use it as a bin.  Please make sure that you wash your hands after using the compost toilet.

Orchard and trees:  Please look after our trees and their fruit.  Please do not pick the fruit.  The orchard is part of our livelihood.

Waste and Recycling:  We ask campers to take their non-compostable waste home with them, both landfill and recyclables.  We can compost green and food waste and there is a compost bin provided.  Please make sure everyone in your party knows what can go in it –  any food waste, torn up newspaper but no metal, plastic or glass.  We’d love you to help us with this.  Thank you!

Campfires & wood stoves: IMPORTANT NOTE: The field is full of dry grass.  Please consider whether you need a campfire.  Ensure that any wood you burn is dry and non-resinous so that sparks will not fly into the dry grass.  Please do not make a campfire if it is windy.  We have dry wood available at a small price (to cover time spent collecting and cutting). If you really need one, small campfires must be in a raised firebowl off the ground – we have a few that you are welcome to borrow. The emphasis is on small campfire not bonfire.  BBQ’s must also be raised and kept off the ground.

In the interests of general safety campfires must not be left unattended and must be extinguished before going out, going to bed or leaving to go home, any campfire found left unattended will be put out.

Wood for campfires can be purchased at £8 per crate.
You are welcome to bring wood for the camp fires if you like; but whatever wood you bring to burn must not cause unpleasant smoke or sparks. 
No wood is to be taken from any woodland or hedges as this is not sustainable and will affect the ecology of the woodland.

We reserve the right to restrict any fire where we believe there is a high risk of injury and/or harm to persons and the surrounding environment.

Axes & Saws: Our insurance does not cover us for guest use of any axe or saw.

Noise:  Please be considerate of other people on the site. Quiet time starts at 10pm – do stay up late and enjoy a fire into the night if you wish, but be sure to keep the noise right down after 10pm so other people can sleep/listen to wildlife. We don’t allow amplified music. Please be aware of our neighbours across the fields – sound carries far at night.

Groups: Groups are welcome.
You will be expected to be considerate to all other guests that are on site at all times.
It is the responsibility of the person booking to make sure all the people in the group are aware of these conditions.
When you book your stay with us you agree to abide by our terms & conditions and our campsite code and should you not do so after we have asked you to, we reserve the right to request that you leave immediately. If this should happen there will be no refund of your fees.

A group that has booked the entire site agrees that all noise must be at a low level after 10pm and that music cannot be excessively loud or amplified, this is in consideration to our neighbours on Mile Lane, and our fellow beings with whom we share our land.

We reserve the right if we deem it necessary to request from groups a £50 deposit to be paid before any stay, this will be refunded provided that our site is returned to us in good condition in line with our campsite code.

Damage: Any damage to any part of the campsite or structures, fittings and contents must be paid for.

Smoking:  If you do smoke wherever you are in the orchard, please dispose of your butts safely and do not leave them on the ground.

Pets: If you bring a dog with you, please make sure that your dog is kept on a lead and does not annoy horses in the neighbouring fields.  Please remove all dog poo from the site.

Fireworks and air lanterns: These are not allowed.

Water: All water available is mains water and fit for drinking. Excessive water use ie. car washing, hose pipes are not allowed. All our water is metered!

Showers and sinks: Please supervise all children when using taps to ensure they are turned off when finished.

Have a really lovely stay!